Tui Tuia | Learning Circle offers programmes, workshops, online support and resources to grow, strengthen and advocate for language learning, use and language maintenance in New Zealand schools.

Advancing success in learning languages

Tailored support helps you and your school build sustainable Learning Language programmes that meet the needs of your students, school and communities.

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GROW Programmes

A year-long programme, made up of a series of workshops designed to support teachers to develop measurable capability in the effective teaching of languages, and foster strong inter-school support networks. Face-to-face sessions, online sessions, and in-school support.

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Strengthening Asia-Pasific Language Teaching

Cluster-based, teacher-led action research programmes with practical teaching solutions and ideas. Face-to-face sessions, online sessions, and in-school support. Language study option also available with the Grant-in-Aid.

Strengthening Asia-Pacific Language Teaching – Latin America

This brand-new programme is for teachers at primary/intermediate and lower secondary school level who wish to develop or enhance a Spanish language programme and who can connect with native speakers in their community.

Strengthening Asia-Pacific Language Teaching – North Asia

Do you teach Chinese-Mandarin, Japanese or Korean in your school? Would you like to join a network that can support you in this role? Do you want more practical teaching solutions and ideas based on well-researched theory? If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then our programme of cluster-based, teacher-led action research is definitely for you!


These one-off workshops offer a quick insight into an area of language, culture or pedagogy. Specific dates are offered or you can contact us to have one of these workshops delivered to a group of teachers in your area.

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Regions of France - Webinar Series

This fortnightly webinar series will consist of 10 short presentations, delivered in both French and English (to accommodate all levels), about 10 French regions.

Understand the Impact of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in Language Education Settings

This brand-new EXPLORE workshop is for all teachers at primary and secondary school level who wish to extend their understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, to enhance and provide a bi-cultural learning environment for students in Aotearoa.

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2022

A one day workshop for teachers of Chinese to explore some classroom activities around the theme of Chinese New Year.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

The first in a series of workshops that will take you on a virtual, interactive tour through German cities/regions.

Preparing for the Youth Chinese Test

An opportunity for teachers to familiarise themselves with the content, syllabus and format of the Youth Chinese Test (YCT).


Auzeit Feierabend. How social can German be?

Immersion Programmes

A year-long programme made up of a series of workshops designed to support teachers to develop measurable capability in the effective teaching of languages, and foster strong inter-school support networks. Face-to-face sessions, online sessions, and in-school support.

International Language Assistant Programme

This programme enables young native speakers from France, Germany and Spain to be employed as Language Assistants in New Zealand schools.

National Language Advisers

Teachers can benefit from the language and cultural expertise of our team of National Language Advisers. We have advisers available for Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish

Our National Language Advisers provide a number of services:

  • Offering workshops, courses and meetings focusing on teaching materials, resources and pedagogy that promote intercultural communicative language teaching.
  • Supporting schools with advice and guidance on establishing and sustaining language programmes. 
  • Providing information on networking opportunities for language teachers.
  • Giving advice and guidance on immersion opportunities, scholarships and professional learning opportunities
  • Participating in academic and cultural events.

Our French, German and Spanish Advisers also provide opportunities for higher education students from their respective countries to experience life and education in New Zealand working as a language assistant in a New Zealand school.

Chinese Adviser
French Adviser
German Adviser
Japanese Adviser
Spanish Adviser

Success stories

Hear from past participants in our Languages PLD courses:

“The Japan Foundation Sydney Seminar was some of the best professional development I have ever attended. Saito-sensei and her team were able to expertly equip us with accessible and fun cultural and language knowledge we will be able to readily utilise in our own classrooms. It was also a great opportunity to connect and share resources and ideas with other Japanese primary teachers from a variety of different contexts. I highly recommend this opportunity to all teachers of Japanese.”

Steven Woollaston, Elim Christian College
“When I received a birthday card from one of my students I realised again what I value so much about the job of a LA. Being able to support your students with all the kindness they deserve while not being forced to assess. This allows for a certain kind of connection that is hard to establish as a regular teacher.”
Carl (Nonta) Philipp Leifeld, International Language Assistant – German, 2020


Teaching support and helpdesk
Our facilitators are available for you to seek support for the teaching and learning of languages.
Please contact:

Languages Online Teacher Support (LOTS) Padlets
We have put together a network of Padlets to support you with remote language teaching. They contain heaps of links, apps, articles, videos and activities to give you plenty of ideas and support for your planning and teaching. Some of the Padlet topics include:
- Language specific teaching and learning ideas
- How to manage online classes
- How to teach remotely
- Supporting teacher and student wellbeing
- Links to our upcoming online EXPLORE workshops

Resources for Language Teachers

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We can customise all course offerings to suit your needs. Our work is based firmly on research, with an emphasis on student-centred leadership being the key to excellent and equitable student outcomes.
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