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About Us

Tui Tuia | Learning Circle empowers Kāhui Ako, kaiako, teachers, school leaders and tumuaki to achieve better outcomes for students and learners.

All languages are to be treasured

Languages, Culture & Identity

We offer programmes, workshops, in-person classroom support, online support and resources to help strengthen language learning in New Zealand schools.

Cultural competencies

Pacific-Led Education

Empowering educators, students, and communities to shape a future of educational excellence that is firmly rooted in Pacific identity and aspirations.

Improving instructional dexterity

Literacy and Numeracy

We work with schools to build the literacy and numeracy capability of school leaders and teachers to accelerate learning outcomes for all students.

Whakakaha i ngā Kaiako
Whakamanahia ngā Ākonga.

We deliver education and mentoring designed to inspire, uplift and help prepare teachers and kaiako, whānau and communities for today and tomorrow’s challenges.

Prepare for the future with evidence based and high-quality professional learning and development

We have an expert team of kaiwhakaruruhau and facilitators delivering research-based PLD across a wide range of areas of focus to serve you, your team, and your kura or school.

Our latest mahi

Explore our most popular and timely professional development opportunities.

Regionally-allocated PLD

We offer regionally focused, culturally-sustaining PLD in both English and Māori medium settings. Browse our RAPLD funded opportunities ahead of the 31 May deadline using the link below!

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Languages Immersion Programmes

Our short, intensive immersion courses involve spending two or three weeks in an overseas setting, putting teachers' language knowledge into practice. Register our upcoming 2024 immersion programmes today!

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Educational Leadership Programmes for 2024

Strengthen your leadership team in 2024! This year's intake for Growing Great Leaders™ 1: Leadership Essentials, Growing Great Leaders™ 2: Improving Student Outcomes, ajnd Growing Great Leaders™: Leading from the Middle are now open for registration, with a 25% discount offered for 3 or more participants from the same school.

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Teacher Aide PLD for 2024

We will continue to offer relevant, high quality, culturally responsive PLD to support Kaiāwhina Teacher Aides in their role for 2024. Browse our PLD offerings using the link below!

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Nau mai haere mai ki a Tui Tuia

Welcome to Tui Tuia | Learning Circle

We provide high-quality education and mentoring that is designed to inspire, uplift, and help prepare schools and kura, whānau, and communities for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Evidence-based and world-class

We provide high quality Professional Learning and Development (PLD) for kāhui ako, kaiako and teachers, school leaders, principals and tumuaki, we empower them to guide our ākonga to achieve better outcomes.

Best & latest

Research, insights and innovation from Waipapa Taumata Rau | The University of Auckland (UoA).


Bespoke PLD approach in collaboration with educators, whānau, communities and ākonga.


Tried and tested professional development for educators, both locally and internationally.

Culturally sustaining

We apply a te ao Māori and Pasifika lens to ensure equitable outcomes for all ākonga.

Prepare for the future with quality professional learning and development

We have an expert team of kaiwhakaruruhai and facilitators delivering research-based PLD across a wide range of areas of focus to serve you, your team, and your kura or school.

Ko ngā kōrero angitū

Making an impact

Hear from educators whose practice have been positively impacted by our innovative approach to learning and professional development.

Principal Wellbeing PLD

"It's scientific, it's based on evidence, and it's tailored. The lens is a Principal CEO lens so it's mindful of the many balls that we have in the air. I really like how it's linked to science and physiology and anatomy and that speaks to me. It is really evidence-based and it references medical journals. It's very practical; I feel like I've left the sessions with really pragmatic things that I can implement straight away and it's actually had an impact on me straight away."

Paula Wine, Principal/Tumuaki of Woodstock Primary School, Hamilton

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Birdwood School's expanded approach to literacy

“We wanted to prioritise the older tamariki who missed out on literacy with Covid and interruptions to kura. We worked with Year Two and Year Three classes first and a Year One/Two class for the latter part of the year. Having that flexibility and being able to look at where the greatest need is has helped us implement something we think really works.

Over time we’ve noticed a change in the disposition of students, and a positive approach to opportunities. You’ll now find them reading on their own and going to the library by choice. This, for me as a kura leader, is absolutely outstanding and even more important than the data because it’s changing their mindset for the future.
It has been exceptional, not just for the classroom kaiako but, by osmosis, for the other adults in the room so we’ve been able to grow our pouāwhina āwhina in the classroom as well.

- Vikki Rihari, Principal

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Michigan State University Study Tour

“We are very grateful to you and the Tui Tuia Learning Circle team for all the support and assistance provided to the MSU Global EPLP participants over the past several months. The collaborative efforts involved in planning, organizing, and preparing for the October New Zealand field experience resulted in a very successful 2023 program.

The positive comments and sincere expressions of appreciation made during our wrap-up call yesterday are indicative of the impact of this years’ experience. Thanks again for your efforts and your friendship.  We look forward to future collaboration opportunities.” 

Dan Schultz, MSU College of Education

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Mātauranga Māori with Dr Lisa Watson

The PLD with Dr Lisa Watson has significantly improved the teacher's knowledge of Mātauranga Māori, therefore broadening ākonga/students’ Mātauranga Māori. The knowledge that Lisa shared was invaluable. This improved teaching and learning programmes because teachers had a much better understanding of the topics.  Lisa also shared many excellent resources that teachers were able to use in their classroom programmes. This had a very positive effect on ākonga/students’ engagement and outcomes.  
Dr Lisa facilitated in the planning of Social Sciences and Science units of learning based on the Aotearoa New Zealand’s Histories curriculum, which has been of huge benefit. She has removed the hurdles, and the deficits that some teachers may have previously had. In addition to the work with teachers, Lisa worked with school leadership to develop a Māori Education Plan; she has also worked alongside us with the local schools and hāpū (Ngāti Rēhia) to begin developing a plan and set of resources for the local schools.  Her input has been invaluable and will certainly impact on the lives of our ākonga/students now and in years to come.

Alison Ayr, Deputy Principal, Riverview School

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Japan Foundation Seminar Sydney

Thank you so much, Tui Tuia and The Japan Foundation for such an awesome experience. I am so excited to use the activities and resources that were shared. The other teachers were great to meet and I look forward to keeping in touch with them.

Jennie Sieczynski, John Paul II High School, Greymouth

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Non-believer to avid supporter

"So from a Principal that was a non believer on arrival to now a Principal that now has a teacher in training (to ensure sustainability and continue to share the program across the school), a believer that it certainly gives our students a fighting chance, and closes the learning gaps as they move on, I definitely support it!"

Clara Tuifao, Principal - St Michael's School, TAITA

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Tapasā with Farm Cove Intermediate

"Farm Cove Intermediate is loving working on the Tapasā project with the Tui Tuia team! We are inspired by the bespoke programme that is being curated to meet our context. Thank you for the respectful and skilled manner in which you are guiding us on our journey."

Amanda Jaeger, Deputy Principal Tumuaki Tuarua

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Grounded in whanaungatanga and manaakitanga

"Taradale Intermediate has had the honour of having Sharron Fabish as part of our whānau at Taradale Intermediate for the past 7 years. Sharron has worked alongside our kaiako, guiding, mentoring and facilitating the journey we have been on with Te Reo and Te Ao Māori and a specific focus in the past 2 years of developing our Culturally Responsive and Relational Pedagogy.  Sharron’s approach is grounded in whanaungatanga and manaakitanga which has brought about a passion and a commitment, in our kaiako, to be part of this challenge to make a real difference in the lives of our ākonga."

Robyn Eddy, Acting Principal Taradale Intermediate

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Fresh, passionate and personable approach to PLD

"Our school has worked alongside Marian for a number of years now.  She understands the challenges and pitfalls for our staff and works hard to support, encourage and resource our team on our individual and collective journeys.  Because of her fresh, passionate and personable approach to PLD, we are always excited to see what new learning she has in store for us all."

Michelle Brown, Principal Waipipi School

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Increasing Target Languages

Lots of the content from today's workshop I find very useful to me. Personally it was a great reminder to me that there is a lot more I can do in my classroom. Examples such as making tasks more meaningful and authentic, don't be afraid of making mistakes and increase the input of target language in teaching, and learning different cultures together with the kids ect. I will definitely incorporate many of the valuable ideas from today's PLD into my practice.
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