Te Reo Matatini


PLD will help kaiako identify ākonga who will participate in the programme, with assessments to identify the areas that need addressing (i.e., hot spots). Student progress is carefully monitored with regular reports provided to kaiako and whānau.

Te Reo Matatini involves accelerating learning in te reo Matatini with ākonga who are underachieving. This PLD is offered to Māori Medium kura in classrooms with programmes involving a specialist kaiwhakaruruhau (facilitator) working with ākonga, their kaiako and whānau.


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Ngā Kaiwhakaruruhau | Our Facilitators

Chris Lowman

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Chris Lowman


Chris has worked in the teaching profession since 1969 in the role of teacher, Deputy Principal, Principal and Resource Teacher of Māori. Chris facilitates PLD for teachers in Māori Medium settings in teaching oral language, Deliberate Acts of Language Learning (DALLs), the implementation of sequenced scaffolded language programmes across the curriculum, the development of programmes which optimise learners’ language transfer strategies, and bilingualism/biliteracy and language learning.

We have expert facilitators in these areas who can help create a tailored professional development plan to meet the unique needs of your school or kura.

Te Reo Matatini

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Te Reo Matatini

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