Meet our National Language Advisers

Kaori Fukazawa

JAPANESE National Language Adviser

Kaori Fukazawa is the National Japanese Adviser at Tui Tuia | Learning Circle (currently based in Saitama, Japan and working online).

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Success stories

Hear from past participants in our Languages PLD courses:

“The Japan Foundation Sydney Seminar was some of the best professional development I have ever attended. Saito-sensei and her team were able to expertly equip us with accessible and fun cultural and language knowledge we will be able to readily utilise in our own classrooms. It was also a great opportunity to connect and share resources and ideas with other Japanese primary teachers from a variety of different contexts. I highly recommend this opportunity to all teachers of Japanese.”

Steven Woollaston, Elim Christian College
“When I received a birthday card from one of my students I realised again what I value so much about the job of a LA. Being able to support your students with all the kindness they deserve while not being forced to assess. This allows for a certain kind of connection that is hard to establish as a regular teacher.”
Carl (Nonta) Philipp Leifeld, International Language Assistant – German, 2020