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Annelise Borger


Prior to working for Tui Tuia | Learning Circle, Annelise spent six years establishing and growing the Chinese language programme at Middleton Grange School in Christchurch. During that time, she was the lead ALLiS coordinator for a cluster of four Christian schools in Christchurch where she established and grew the Chinese programmes across the schools. 

Annelise has had the opportunity to participate in the TPLT programme, Chinese Immersion programmes and also received the NZ Chinese Distinguished Teacher Award (Early Career) in 2017. 

She is passionate about learning and loves to share her experiences with others. Her  specific expertise includes developing resources for the Chinese classroom, Flipped Learning, eLearning (especially in regard to using Microsoft tools in the classroom) and she is also keen to explore what the new Digital Technologies Curriculum looks like in the language classroom.

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