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About Us

Tui Tuia | Learning Circle empowers Kāhui Ako, kaiako, teachers, school leaders and tumuaki to achieve better outcomes for students and learners.

All languages are to be treasured

Languages, Culture & Identity

We offer programmes, workshops, in-person classroom support, online support and resources to help strengthen language learning in New Zealand schools.

Cultural competencies

Pacific-Led Education

Empowering educators, students, and communities to shape a future of educational excellence that is firmly rooted in Pacific identity and aspirations.

Improving instructional dexterity

Literacy and Numeracy

We work with schools to build the literacy and numeracy capability of school leaders and teachers to accelerate learning outcomes for all students.

Talk, Think, Read, Write: Practical Strategies for Supporting Early Literacy

This course will help Kaiāwhina / Teacher Aides / Learning Assistants to use the language, identity and culture of ākonga to support their strengths and needs in talking, reading and writing.

Talk, Think, Read, Write: Practical Strategies for Supporting Early Literacy

Teacher Aide






Teacher Aide


1-day workshop



Face to face




Ministry funded


This course will be offered kanohi ki te kanohi / in-person in 2024.

About the course

Course information

Kanohi ki te kanohi / in-person workshops will be held once each term at 21A Rangipawa Road, One Tree Hill at the Auckland Reading Recovery Centre from 9am to 3pm.

2024 dates:

  • Term 1: Monday, April 15
  • Term 2: Monday, July 8
  • Term 3: Monday, August 5

Please apply for funding via the ministry website here.

What we will cover

Upon completion of the course, Teacher Aides / Learning Assistants will be able to:

  • engage ākonga as learners (observing and listening),
  • clarify the links between reading and writing,
  • extend ākonga conversations through open questioning,
  • support children to write stories (co-writing techniques),
  • make links between children’s experiences and the text being read,
  • engage with learners' teachers, families and whānau,
  • support children to select and use appropriate texts to read, and
  • explore key resources.

While aimed at supporting early years literacy, this workshop series has also been adapted for Teacher Aides working with all age groups.

Attendees will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

This course builds capability in the following Teacher Aide Competency areas:

  • Communication: Understand and support language development
  • Learning support: Maintain class engagement and participation in learning;  Knowledge and proficiency of specific programmes and/or curriculum areas; Employ basic knowledge of learning theories and child/youth development.


$600 per person + GST  

Individual Teacher Aides will be able to apply for up to $1,000 of funding to access PLD over the term of the Collective Agreement (to 19 December 2024, or until funds are exhausted – whichever is sooner).

You can apply for funding to:

  • cover the fees/ costs for the PLD
  • reimburse your school for the time required for you to participate in the PLD during workhours so that you can be paid at your normal rate
  • contribute to travel and accommodation required for you to participate in the PLD.

There is an additional allowance of up to $500 for travel and accommodation if you meet the following criteria:

  • you are located more than 100km from a population centre of more than 20,000 people, or
  • you have to travel to a specialist course that is only delivered in limited locations of 100km or more away, or
  • you have to travel between islands.

Apply for funding via the ministry website here.

For any enquiries regarding teacher aide PLD funding or your application, please get in touch with the Ministry at


This course is based on content developed by Assoc. Prof. Rebecca Jesson, and will be facilitated regionally by Reading Recovery Trainers and Tutors.

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Talk, Think, Read, Write - Term 2

9am-3pm at 21A Rangipawa Road, One Tree Hill at the Auckland Reading Recovery Centre.

2024-07-08 9:00 am
2024-07-08 3:00 pm

Talk, Think, Read, Write - Term 3

9am-3pm at 21A Rangipawa Road, One Tree Hill at the Auckland Reading Recovery Centre.

2024-08-05 9:00 am
2024-08-05 3:00 pm