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Dr Rebecca Jesson

Research and Academic Director - Literacy | Associate Professor University of Auckland | Reading Recovery Trainer

Dr Rebecca Jesson is an Associate Professor in literacy education at The University of Auckland - Faculty of Education and Social Work. She was recently appointed as the Research and Academic Director, Tui Tuia I The Learning Circle, and leads the National Reading Recovery Centre, Aotearoa New Zealand. 


Rebecca's research is co-designed with schools and their communities in New Zealand and the Pacific. Her research is transforming the way literacy education is delivered in the Pacific Islands in a culturally sustaining way. She focuses on teaching and learning innovations that will improve the literacy learning experiences of students. Her studies use evidence to support school groups to develop strategic direction for professional learning and school change. 


Rebecca has been a primary school teacher across a number of schools and year levels, including Reading Recovery. Her Masters of Education (2001) research focussed on implementing critical thinking in the English curriculum. Her PhD (2010) research was situated in a schooling intervention and explored different models of professional development in teaching writing. 


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