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Richard Newton

Senior Leadership Consultant

Richard joined Learning Circles’ educational leadership team after a successful 26 year career as  a primary principal in Dunedin and rural Otago. He is a former Woolf Fisher Fellow and was a national mentor in the First-time Principal Programme (FTPP) for over a decade.

Richard is an accredited RAPLD facilitator. His major responsibilities include:

  • Growing Great Leaders (GGL™) – design and facilitation of in-person and virtual courses for NZ  and international clients.
  • Open-to-Learning™ Leadership (OTL™) – facilitation of in-person courses.
  • Leadership of Curriculum Teams – co-design and facilitation of in-person and virtual client learning opportunities.

Richard is passionate about the work he undertakes. His clients describe him as a skilled ‘pracademic’ with the ability to “link research with the practical world of school leadership in a way that is logical and accessible”.


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