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Perry Rush

Stakeholder Engagement and Leadership Consultant

Perry was appointed as Leadership Consultant and member of Tui Tuia | Learning Circle's  Senior Leadership Team in January 2022. He was recently the National President of the New Zealand Principals’ Federation and Principal of Hastings Intermediate School. Perry is a passionate advocate of student-centred learning and is well known and respected for his expertise in leadership, inquiry-based learning, and curriculum.

He will lead stakeholder engagement, to ensure Tui Tuia understands the needs and priorities of our key stakeholder groups and how we might support them around their professional development endeavours. He will also draw on his extensive knowledge of schools to work across the Leadership Development team and with the Faculty of Education and Social Work. His focus will be to further develop leadership capability across technical and transferrable skills within the education sector - from aspiring teacher leaders right through to lifting the professional practice of experienced Principals across New Zealand.


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