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Perry Rush
Perry Rush
July 15, 2022
Teaching is not a technical act, it is a human act

Education is a complex enterprise and complexity never translates well in this world driven by soundbites and claims of magic bullets. Perry Rush challenges claims that empirical evidence supports a Science of Reading only approach and the argument put forward by Dr Michael Johnston that we should be restructuring primary literacy in order to improve ‘economic productivity’.

Perry Rush
Perry Rush
June 17, 2022
Matariki—A Marker of Nationhood

Matariki is a significant national celebration that marks a leap forward in lifting the presence and understanding of Te Ao Māori for everyone who calls Aotearoa New Zealand home. It marks a growing maturity as a nation in recognising not only the knowledge and histories of Tangata Whēnua—the people of the land, but also our shared recognition and celebration of Te Ao Māori—the Māori world.

Dr Rebecca Jesson
August 4, 2022
Critical literacy: An essential skill for reading the literacy debates

Dr Rebecca Jesson advocates for the use of critical literacy skills to assess the quality of the information being presented before buying the argument or the products that are being sold in the background.

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