Extending your leadership through flipped learning. Growing Great Leaders™ TEAMS combines the flexibility of GGL™ SOLO with the power of in-personal facilitation.

Growing Great Leaders™ TEAMS


Growing Great Leaders™ TEAMS (GGL™TEAMS) is designed to raise the effectiveness of your leadership team, and strengthen its ability to consistently achieve its student-centred goals. The programme is broken into six, easy-to-navigate modules, with each taking about two hours to complete (including team discussions and associated activities). Each module, although thematically distinct, makes rich connections to the other five, highlighting the interrelated nature of both the programme and the Student-centred Leadership model.

In addition to the six modules below, your team’s experience will also be enriched by three online coaching / mentoring sessions led by one of our leadership consultants. Repeated participant feedback on these sessions highlights the value added by a skilled, ‘critical friend’ challenging and affirming team reflections, wonderings and school improvement actions.

Course content

MODULE 1: Student-centred Leadership

Module 1 introduces the ‘Student-centred Leadership’ model and the ways in which this model can be used as a practical planning and problem solving tool in the everyday life of the school.

MODULE 2: Building Relational Trust

Module 2 highlights the influence of trust on school effectiveness and its ability to gain valued student outcomes. Module 2 also shares new insights into the ways your team can use everyday conversations to build trust and enhance leadership effectiveness.

MODULE 3: Establishing Goals and Expectations

Module 3 provides highly practical insights into goal setting theory and supports your team as you work together to improve outcomes for your students.

MODULE 4: Resourcing Strategically

Module 4 highlights the importance of being strategic in the use of your limited school resources. Your team will undertake a critical review of the way your school’s key resources (both human and material) are used in support of valued outcomes.

MODULE 5: Solving Complex Problems

Module 5 leads your team through a research-informed, analytical approach to solving some of your school’s most difficult problems.   The module blends engaging research with extended team discussion and school-centric action.

MODULE 6: Ensuring Quality Teaching

Module 6 will challenge your team to reflect on your share beliefs about quality teaching, and the influence those beliefs have on teacher actions and student outcomes. The module provides critical insights into practical approaches to evaluating teaching effectiveness and suggests ways these insight can be used to enhance teacher practice.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is ‘GGL™ TEAMS’?

GGL™ TEAMS is an online learning experience designed to enhance the leadership effectiveness of whole leadership teams. It skilfully links online learning with skilled facilitation, while maintaining an unrelenting focus on your school, your improvement priorities and your valued learner outcomes.

How does GGL™ TEAMS work?

(i)   You enrol your team and receive access to our easy to navigate, online leadership development platform.

(ii)  Your team works together through the series of six, self-contained, self-paced modules – at a time, place, and pace that works for you all.

(iii) Your whole team connects with one of our skilled facilitators via ZOOM for 3 online discussions; each structured around your team’s insights, challenges and questions.

What does GGL™ TEAMS include?

GGL™ TEAMS includes:’

An intuitive, digitally responsive online resource centre.

A series of six online modules (videos, readings, discussion prompts, in-school inquiry guides, application activities).

Three 90 minute, online discussions, facilitated by one of our skilled leadership consultants – at a time that works for your team.

What is the time commitment required for GGL™ TEAMS?

We recommend that leadership groups allow up to 15 minutes for pre-module reading and reflection, and about two hours for each online module. Times will vary depending on the time allocated for group discussion, reflection and planning.

Do you recommend that modules are completed in a specific sequence?

GGL™ TEAMS is designed as a sequential programme of professional learning, with each module connecting to, and building on previous learning, however the final sequence is up to your team.

How much does 'GGL™ TEAMS' cost?


GGL TEAMS is priced at $650+GST per participant. Our Centre recommends that schools with large leadership teams break into smaller ‘Professional Learning Groups’ (PLG) each with 4 to 6 members.

Enrolment costs associated with GGL™ TEAMS can be offset using RAPLD hours. Contact us via email to find out more about this option: lc.leadership@auckland.ac.nz

Additional information

‘GGL™ TEAMS’ is currently being used in a significant number of New Zealand secondary and primary schools. It has also been effectively utilised by school leadership teams in Victoria and Abu Dhabi.

This is what our participants say about the course:

“Our leaders have loved the material (it's accessible, well presented and chunked well) and we look forward to meeting each week to talk things through as a team”. – NZ principal

“Conversations are deeper, richer and focused on our work, and I find that when we talk together we now have key frameworks/ideas to base our discussion around”. – NZ principal

“It was wonderful for me to hear the discussion about what learning should cause, what that learning should look like, querying how clear we have been in our guidance, curriculum and task alignment, and understanding what teachers found helpful for their learning”. – NZ principal


Growing Great Leaders™ TEAMS
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Linda Miller

Leadership Consultant
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Linda Miller

Leadership Consultant

Linda is a Facilitator for Tui Tuia | Learning Circle's Educational Leadership team.

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Programme Manager/Leadership Consultant
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Colin Donald

Programme Manager/Leadership Consultant

Colin is the Programme Manager and Facilitator supporting and developing our popular and highly regarded Leadership PLD courses including Growing Great Leaders™.

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Senior Leadership Consultant
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Richard Newton

Senior Leadership Consultant

Richard joined the Tui Tuia | Learning Circle Leadership team in 2016 after a successful 26 year career as a primary principal in Dunedin and rural Otago.

We have expert facilitators in these areas who can help create a tailored professional development plan to meet the unique needs of your school or kura.

Growing Great Leaders™ TEAMS


Growing Great Leaders™ TEAMS

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