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Leadership events

Growing Great Leaders™ TEAMS


Growing Great Leaders™ TEAMS (GGL™ TEAMS) is designed to raise the effectiveness of your leadership team, and strengthen its ability to consistently achieve its student-centered goals. The programme is broken into six, easy-to-navigate modules, with each taking about two hours to complete (including team discussions and associated activities). ‍

Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO


Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO (GGL™ SOLO) is a series of six, self-managed, video and website-based modules. Video modules are complemented by a series of structured back-in-school self-managed activities to help ensure that your new learning is quickly put to use in your school setting.

Open-to-learning™ (OTL™) Leadership


Learn how to tackle and progress tough issues whilst building trustful relationships. Many leaders find it difficult to build relationships while tackling and progressing significant work tasks and problems. Open-to-learning™ (OTL™) Leadership is unique in explicitly addressing the integration of tasks and relationships so that respect is maintained while difficult issues are progressed.

Cultural Capability events

No items found.

Languages events

Regions of France - Webinar Series


At 4pm on the following Tuesdays: 19 October ; 2, 16, 30 November; 14 December 2021 ; 8, 22 February, 8, 22 March, 5 April 2022

A webinar series delivered in both French and English (to accommodate all levels) about the history of the region, typical food, famous people, interesting landmarks, cities, and other points of interest in France.


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