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Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO (GGL™ SOLO) is a series of six, self-managed, video and website-based modules. Video modules are complimented by a series of structured back-in-school self-managed activities to help ensure that your new learning is quickly put to use in your school setting.

Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO uses the Student-centred Leadership model (Robinson, 2011) as its structural guide, and builds on two key research assertions:

  • Effective education leadership makes a difference to learners, and requires in-depth knowledge of leadership and the core business of teaching and learning.
  • While educational expertise is a necessary condition for effective leadership, it is not sufficient on its own; leaders must also build relational trust.

Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO is designed for school leaders who want to independently manage their own leadership development with the support of a proven leadership development resource. GGL™ SOLO contains six comprehensive modules, each presented following a predictable and easy to understand format. A typical module includes:

  • a pre-recorded, high quality video which shares relevant educational insights through an engaging series of in-seminar activities
  • a set of recommended activities to guide back-in-school action
  • a condensed academic reading which summarises and extends key ideas from the session
  • back at school activities and challenges

GGL™ SOLO participants also have access for up to six months to a comprehensive website dedicated to your leadership. The site features:

  • online smart tools and templates
  • short case study videos featuring the insights of real leaders in real schools
  • additional books, readings and articles
  • general program information and materials

Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO covers six modules. Each module is two hours and is aligned to the student-centred leadership model and is designed to provide both theoretical and practical application for the educational context.

MODULE 1: Student-centred Leadership

Module 1 introduces the ‘student-centred leadership’ model and challenges participants to reflect on their own leadership beliefs and practices as well as the impact of those beliefs and practices on student outcomes in their school.

MODULE 2: Building Relational Trust

Module 2 highlights the influence of trust on the quality of student outcomes. Practical activities support personal reflection and subsequent trust-building action in participant’s own setting.

MODULE 3: Establishing Goals and Expectations

Module 3 provides highly practical insights into goal setting theory and supports participants as they reflect on the quality of goal setting in their own school. The module provides rich takeaways for back-in-school follow up and action.

MODULE 4: Resourcing Strategically

Module 4 highlights the important of being strategic in the use of limited school resources. The content supports participants as they undertake a critical review of the way their key resources, both human and material, are used to promote valued student outcomes.

MODULE 5: Solving Complex Problems

Module 5 is highly practical and supports participants as they progress a complex problem they are attempting to address. The module blends engaging research with high levels of participant interaction.

MODULE 6: Ensuring Quality Teaching

Module 6 challenges leaders to think about the way their beliefs about teaching quality influences both teacher actions and student outcomes. The session provides practical insights as well as a rich set of back-in-school, follow-up activities.


$450 + GST each (10% discount for 3 or more participants from the same school)


To access this workshop using Regionally-Allocated PLD hours contact Colin Donald:
Phone: +64 27 886 4678

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is GGL™ SOLO?

GGL™ SOLO is a series of six, self-managed, video and website-based modules. Video modules are complimented by a series of structured back-in-school self-managed activities to help ensure that your new learning is quickly put to use in your school setting. Comprehensive back-in-school activities that help ensure that your new learning becomes a practical tool for influencing the actions of your staff and the outcomes of your students.

Are group discounts offered?

Yes, a 10% discount is offered for three or more participants from the same school or Kāhui Ako. Participants in all of our GGL offerings regularly comment on the benefit of having working with colleagues from their own school. For this reason, we recommend that consideration be given to registering entire leadership teams. Team registrations build school leadership coherence and enhance the quality of goal setting and problem solving.

What is the time commitment required for GGL™ SOLO?

We recommend that participants allow up to an hour for pre-module reading and reflection, and at least two hours for each online module. Individual times will vary depending on the time allocated for reflection and planning.

For best results, participants are encouraged to allow time for post-seminar (back-in-school) activities.

These times are provided as a general guide only.

Do you recommend that modules are completed in a specific sequence?

GGL™ SOLO is designed as a sequential programme of professional learning however the order is of course, up the individual undertaking the program. Each module builds on the understandings developed in proceeding work so for this reason, completing the modules sequentially is encouraged.

Where is the programme currently being used?

GGL™ online, our facilitated online GGL™ offering is currently used in a major Australian state for all of its newly appointed principals (approx. 200 per annum). In addition the program is currently being used in an International School network based in the Middle East.

GGL™ is also offered in New Zealand as a face-to-face option at the University of Auckland's Epsom Campus (Kohia Centre).

GGL SOLO is being launched in 2021 and has participants registered from both New Zealand and Australia.

A particular appeal of GGL™ SOLO is its level of flexibility for participants and its sharp price-point for such a comprehensive leadership course.

Is additional support available for participants?

The team at CEL is eager to maximise the learning of all our GGL™ participants – whether that be Face-to-Face, Online or SOLO. Schools are able to utilise CF PLD funds to access any level of additional support required. Alternatively, additional support can be funded using school-based PLD funds. For me information about the benefits of additional support such as small group mentoring, please contact our office directly.


Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO
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Colin Donald

Programme Manager/Leadership Consultant

Colin is the Programme Manager and Facilitator supporting and developing our popular and highly regarded Leadership PLD courses including Growing Great Leaders™.

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Richard Newton

Senior Leadership Consultant

Richard joined the Tui Tuia | Learning Circle Leadership team in 2016 after a successful 26 year career as a primary principal in Dunedin and rural Otago.

We have expert facilitators in these areas who can help create a tailored professional development plan to meet the unique needs of your school or kura.

Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO


Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO

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