Tui Tuia | Learning Circle offers programmes, workshops, online support and resources to grow, strengthen and advocate for language learning, use and maintenance in New Zealand schools.

Advancing success in learning languages

Tailored support helps you and your school build sustainable Learning Language programmes that meet the needs of your students, school and communities.

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GROW Programmes

A year-long programme, made up of a series of workshops designed to support teachers to develop measurable capability in the effective teaching of languages, and foster strong inter-school support networks. Face-to-face sessions, online sessions, and in-school support.

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GROW 1: Thriving as Teachers of Multi-level Classes

This programme is intended for teachers who are working with multi-level language classes, or multi-lingual classes combined.

GROW 2: Teaching Chinese with Confidence

This program is aimed at teachers of Chinese language who wish to improve their confidence in teaching Chinese in the NZ classroom, to make their lessons fun and engaging, to pursue an inquiry focusing on teaching methods and approaches, and to enhance students’ communication in Chinese.

GROW 3: Leadership for Aspiring and New HODs of Languages

In this programme you will learn about Educational Leadership with a specific focus on how to lead a Languages Department.

GROW 4: Steering Students Towards Meaningful Spoken Communication

Communication is at the core of the Learning Languages Area of the New Zealand Curriculum. This programme is intended for languages teachers of levels 1-4 of the NZC, who would like to inquire into improving student outcomes, with a particular focus on increasing students spoken use of the language

GROW 5: Open Inquiry

This GROW programme will help you use the teaching as inquiry model to investigate ways to explore a specific problem of practice.

GROW 7: Proverbs-Learning in the Deep

This GROW programme is available to any teacher at primary, intermediate and secondary schools of Pasifika languages and Te Reo Māori. This programme aims to challenge teachers’ perspectives of curriculum and task design concerning the place of Pasifika and Māori perspectives in 21st century learning.

GROW 9: Deaf Education-Building Capacity for Teachers of the Deaf

This series of workshops is designed as a continuation of the programme with teachers at Ko Taku Reo - Deaf Education NZ. Teachers will be supported in an inquiry into best practice when teaching in and with a second language.

GROW 10: Flipped Learning in the Language Classroom

This GROW programme is available to any teacher (primary and secondary) wanting to flip their language class - new or experienced flippers.

GROW 11: Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) - Years 1-10

This programme is intended for primary, intermediate and secondary school teachers of ALL LANGUAGES who wish to pursue an inquiry focusing on ways to make an language class more interactive and engaging for their learners using the Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) approach.

GROW 12: Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) Consolidation

This programme is intended for those teachers who have successfully completed GROW Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) programme in 2019, 2020 or 2021. It aims to further enhance your understanding and implementation of the Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) approach with more individualized support.

GROW 13: Chinese Classroom Activity Design

This program is aimed at TEACHERS of CHINESE LANGUAGE who wish to improve their classroom activity design, to use classroom activities to interact with their students and motivate them to learn Chinese language in the NZ classroom, and to pursue an inquiry focusing on activities used in the classroom.

GROW 14: Developing Effective Language Learning Resources

This programme is intended for PRIMARY and INTERMEDIATE schools and teachers of ALL LANGUAGES who wish to pursue their inquiry focusing on examining and enhancing their language learning resources to make their lessons more effective for their learners

GROW 16: Support for Beginning Teachers of Languages

This program is intended for BEGINNING TEACHERS of ALL LANGUAGES (less than 5 years of language teaching experience) who wish to build their confidence, knowledge and classroom abilities.

GROW 17: Support for Primary and Intermediate School Language Programmes

This GROW programme has been specifically tailored for schools who have been awarded the $10,000 grant to develop their Languages Programme.

GROW 18: Growing Pasifika languages for diverse Pasifika Year 9 and 10 student populations and communities

The aim of this Grow programme is to support Pasifika and non-Pasifika teachers to explore spaces within their schools to develop and grow Pasifika languages for Year 9 and 10 Pasifika learners in culturally diverse contexts. The future view is to build ākonga towards confidence and success at the incoming and existing Pacific language and Pacific Studies’ NCEA Achievement Standard

Strengthening Asia-Pacific Language Teaching

Cluster-based, teacher-led action research programmes with practical teaching solutions and ideas. Face-to-face sessions, online sessions, and in-school support. Language study option also available with the Grant-in-Aid.

Strengthening Asia-Pacific Language Teaching – Latin America

This brand-new programme is for teachers at primary/intermediate and lower secondary school level who wish to develop or enhance a Spanish language programme and who can connect with native speakers in their community.

Strengthening Asia-Pacific Language Teaching – North Asia

Do you teach Chinese-Mandarin, Japanese or Korean in your school? Would you like to join a network that can support you in this role? Do you want more practical teaching solutions and ideas based on well-researched theory? If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then our programme of cluster-based, teacher-led action research is definitely for you!


These one-off workshops offer a quick insight into an area of language, culture or pedagogy. Specific dates are offered or you can contact us to have one of these workshops delivered to a group of teachers in your area.

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Local Area Meetings for French Teachers – Term 3, 2022

These meetings are designed to give teachers of the French the opportunity to meet others in their local area and discuss joint projects and share resources. Please join us and enjoy un p’tit goûter aussi !

French PCT support day

This workshop is designed as a support for beginning teachers of French (first and second year).

Cultura en palabras, dichos en español (Sayings in Spanish: Culture in Words)

By teaching teachers different strategies, this will help their students use dichos more, which in turn can help with improving their grammar and vocabulary. This workshop will give them ideas on how to incorporate dichos in the classroom in an appealing way.

French scholarship support session

This online workshop is designed to provide support for teachers of French who have students enrolled in the New Zealand Scholarship French examination (NZQA Standard 93004). Participation in the workshop is strongly encouraged, so please come prepared to share any resources or revision techniques that you think would be useful to others.

Using Online Games in the Spanish Classroom

Join us to explore a variety of creative gaming apps, allowing you to create and design your own interactive games in Spanish.


Auszeit Feierabend. How social can German be?

CLIL- Language In Motion in the German Language Classroom

Learning comes through action, so let's put language learning into motion!

Musica y Cultura

Latin American music beyond the stereotypes: move your body and think about it!

Le coin des profs de français – French teachers’ conversation group

Join us after work for a quick cup or tea or coffee and meet up with other teachers of French all over Aotearoa. Venez nombreux, j’espère vous y voir !

Regions of France - Webinar Series

This webinar series will consist of 10 short presentations, delivered in both French and English (to accommodate all levels), about 10 French regions.

Understand the Impact of Te Tiriti o Waitangi as Tangata Tiriti in Language Education Settings

This brand-new EXPLORE workshop is for all teachers at primary and secondary school level who wish to extend their understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi as Tangata Tiriti.

Pasifika Roadshow 2022

The 2022 Pasifika Roadshow is coming to a town near you! Come along to a full day of Professional Learning for Pasifika Language Teachers as well as catching up with your colleagues.

Languages Roadshow 2022

The 2022 Languages Roadshow is coming to a town near you! Come along to a full day of Professional Learning for Language Teachers as well as catching up with your colleagues and connecting with organisations who offer support for the teaching and learning of Languages.

Immersion Programmes

A year-long programme made up of a series of workshops designed to support teachers to develop measurable capability in the effective teaching of languages, and foster strong inter-school support networks. Face-to-face sessions, online sessions, and in-school support.

Immersion Day 2022

Are you going to the NZALT Conference in July this year? Why not join us early for an immersion experience on Saturday 9th July before the conference starts.

Queenstown Domestic Immersions

The 2022 Language and Cultural Immersion Programmes for teachers of Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish, are an opportunity for teachers to spend five nights in Queenstown soaking up their target language and culture with the Tui Tuia | Learning Circle - Languages team, other selected teachers from around the country and language/culture-specific organisations.

International Language Assistant Programme

This programme enables young native speakers from France, Germany and Spain to be employed as Language Assistants in New Zealand schools.

National Language Advisers

Teachers can benefit from the language and cultural expertise of our team of National Language Advisers. We have advisers available for Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish

Our National Language Advisers provide a number of services:

  • Offering workshops, courses and meetings focusing on teaching materials, resources and pedagogy that promote intercultural communicative language teaching.
  • Supporting schools with advice and guidance on establishing and sustaining language programmes. 
  • Providing information on networking opportunities for language teachers.
  • Giving advice and guidance on immersion opportunities, scholarships and professional learning opportunities
  • Participating in academic and cultural events.

Our French, German and Spanish Advisers also provide opportunities for higher education students from their respective countries to experience life and education in New Zealand working as a language assistant in a New Zealand school.

Chinese Adviser
French Adviser
German Adviser
Japanese Adviser
Spanish Adviser

Success stories

Hear from past participants in our Languages PLD courses:

“The Japan Foundation Sydney Seminar was some of the best professional development I have ever attended. Saito-sensei and her team were able to expertly equip us with accessible and fun cultural and language knowledge we will be able to readily utilise in our own classrooms. It was also a great opportunity to connect and share resources and ideas with other Japanese primary teachers from a variety of different contexts. I highly recommend this opportunity to all teachers of Japanese.”

Steven Woollaston, Elim Christian College
“When I received a birthday card from one of my students I realised again what I value so much about the job of a LA. Being able to support your students with all the kindness they deserve while not being forced to assess. This allows for a certain kind of connection that is hard to establish as a regular teacher.”
Carl (Nonta) Philipp Leifeld, International Language Assistant – German, 2020


Teaching support and helpdesk
Our facilitators are available for you to seek support for the teaching and learning of languages.
Please contact:

Languages Online Teacher Support (LOTS) Padlets
We have put together a network of Padlets to support you with remote language teaching. They contain heaps of links, apps, articles, videos and activities to give you plenty of ideas and support for your planning and teaching. Some of the Padlet topics include:
- Language specific teaching and learning ideas
- How to manage online classes
- How to teach remotely
- Supporting teacher and student wellbeing
- Links to our upcoming online EXPLORE workshops

Resources for Language Teachers

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